DSS Verified Tenant

We Highly Recommend Becoming a DSS Verified Tenant

How It Works?

We will recommend you to the landlord and provide support throughout the process. Getting a quick reply to your property inquiry will help you find properties faster!

  • Get a priority line when you enquire about a property.

Be proactive by being the first to contact the landlord and submit your application when inquiring about a property. Users without verification may encounter extended wait times.

  • Receive updates with new property listings directly in your email.

We let you set up property listing alerts to your email.

  • Email Support 24/7

You can send an email to [email protected] and get a fast reply 24/7. We are always open to help you.

  • Phone advice 10 am – 5 PM

We can find a solution for every customer experiencing individual challenges with renting property in the UK. Our advisor will contact you upon your property application to offer assistance.