About Us

GM&K is company that provides bespoke expert service to clients in search of accommodation needs in UK. We pride ourselves in the delivery of treasure home in perfect accordance to client’s criteria. We are most known for our honesty, reliability and timely service. Our agents make use of diverse innovative tools and program which helps them is rendering excellent service to clients in an exceptional fashion. We apply our years of expertise and professionalism to enable us tailor our service meet the needs of individual client. We stand tall among others as a result of the relationship we have with our clients and also our ability to provide excellent service at competitive cost.


At GM&K we provide services that prioritize customer satisfaction. We understand that a home is one of the most important parts of your life, which is why we take our time to source for the perfect place for you. We are committed to the provision of Cost-Competitive, High Quality and Timely Delivered Services to our clients by making use of our expertise, Sourcing Skills, and efficiency. We strive each day to stand out from other companies by addressing our clients’ needs as our own and leave them with an experience of what selfless and honest service is about.