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All about our services fee:

Holding Fee

It is one-time payment payable on the first submit an application that a tenant puts forward to show our agency and landlord that they are serious about start processing his application to taking the property.

It’s only a one-time payment!

If the tenant didn’t like the property then he can change and apply for a different offer without paying another holding fee.

If your application has been rejected, you can still re-apply for the same or a different offer without extra holding fee for the new reservation.

Holding fee – When is it non-refundable?

If your application has been rejected and you pull out from our services and you will be not interested of any property from our property listing the agent is entitled to your holding deposit as a forfeit. In this scenario, you don’t get your deposit back. It goes to the landlord and agent to cover them against any loss of time and money, such as paying to re-advertise the property.

Holding fee – When is it refundable?

If any landlord from our property listings accept your application and you rent the property from him, then you get the holding fee back. Please note that you need to let us know about the signed contract within 14 days to get money back!

How much is Holding Fee?

Start’s from £195 – £350

We don’t charge any lettings fee. Other Fees, from 1st Jun 2019.

Administration Fee, it’s FREE
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  1. You can Contact us on:
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  2. You can Pay faster by Card online, so you will receive an email with instructions and link to the application to apply for the property in 5 minutes.

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