How are works Refund and Cancellation Policies?

We may offer a partial refund as long as we have not performed any of the “Stage 2” services yet.



Arranging Viewing of Properties with Client

Arranging Meetings with Landlord

Trusted and Experienced Professional Support

Representing the Client and Handling of All Aspects

Advice, Professional Opinion and Recommendations

Communication and Negotiation with the Landlord

Arranging and Providing full Documentation, Legal Documents and Forms

Ensuring Clients Requirements Are Met and Reflected in the Documentation and Agreement

Assistance with completing all Documentation

Assisting in Reviewing and Signing of All Documentation and Forms

Preparation of all Financial related Considerations

including invoicing and deposits with the Landlord

Finalizing all aspects

You can cancel your order and receive a full refund within 48 hours of placing your order as long as we have not performed any of the “Stage 1” services yet.



Initial Consultation and Fact Gathering

Processing an Application form for the property

Due Diligence and Confirmation Phase

Identification of Relevant Properties & Conducting General Research

Conducting Full Property Searches

Compilation of Suitable Properties based on Client Recommendations

(Budget, Location Requirements, Travel Considerations, (bus stops, train station), nearby amenities (shops, post office, parks, etc.)

Confirmation of Suitable Properties

Conducting Viewing and Surveys of Properties

Analysis of Properties Against Clients Requirements

Processing and Organization of Information

Preparation of Properties Portfolio

Providing On-going Advice

Professional Opinion & Consultation

Providing On-going Guidance on associated Costs

(Council Tax, Collection of Waste, Rates, etc.)

We cannot provide a refund for services already performed or if you fail to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement.

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